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How To Make Bootable Flash USB

You often need a Windows CD to install Windows. But the windows we buy in CD format are not always up to date, and every time we need to buy a new one we need to replace our windows. Installing Windows requires a bootable accessory, no matter whether it is a CD or a flash drive. In this article, we will try to familiarize you with the flashing boot for Windows installation.

Steps to flash with the Windows 10 Installation Tool

If you don’t have Windows and want to get Windows in a bootable flash at the same time, use this program.

  • The first step to boot the flash is to plug it into the system.
  • Enter the flash USB to the computer.
  • To install Windows you need a flash of at least 1 gig.

2: Download and install the app.

  • You need the Windows 10 Installation Tool program to boot the flash, which you can download from the link below. Once you’ve downloaded the app, click on it and sign in.

3: Open the app.

  • Click the accept option on the first page you encounter after starting the program. Then check the Create installation media checkbox and click Next. Prefer not to touch the settings provided by the app itself and click Next again.

4: Select flash memory.

  • At this point, uncheck the USB flash drive option and select the arrow where you want Windows to download and install. Then, wait for the download and installation of Windows to complete and you will have a bootable flash.

Steps to flash with Rufus program

Boiling out Flash with the program and the steps above was when you wanted to install Windows 8 on your system and you didn’t have a Windows file on your system. But with Rufus, you can boot any Windows you have iso file onto the flash.

  • As shown, open the Rufus application after connecting the flash to the system and select your flash in the device
  • Select the Windows iso file select you have already downloaded.
  • Set the image option to the standard windows installation option.
  • Set the partition scheme to MBR.
  • Set the Target System on the BIOS too.
  • Do not touch other settings and start the option to start flashing.

In this article, we tried to teach you how to flash and install Windows on a flash.

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