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How To Create Gmail ID Account – 2020

Hello everyone, I’m getting back, This is Imran Ali from South Africa. today I will show you How To Create Gmail ID Account, some people ask me to prepare some information about To create an account what should we do to create it and today is Friday I will do it only for you. so be carefully read this article and then you can.

Information Of Create a Gmail account – Gmail Help:

If you want to create a Google Gmail account you should have at least one phone number then you can create it. go to google search Gmail Signup or Google Account click on the first page or first site.

When you go to Gmail signup then you will see Create your Google Account fill all the blinks by correct information like first name, second name, username, password, confirm password, if you give the password it should be at least 8 letters then they will correct it when you do this then click by next button.

When you click on the Next button you will see Verify your phone number and add your phone number to go up and create your account. when you give your phone number you will soon get a message from your phone number then add or give google code it will be 6 codes soon give it, if you do not give this password it will expire in 5 minutes, soon give and when you give it you will see.

Now give your birthday correctly or if you have more email give recover email, and what is your gender give it male or female. when you give this then click on the Next button, when you give this information click yes I’m in.

after that, you will see this Privacy and Terms and then agree on this, all things is done in now your email is created by success.

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